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Let’s take a look at MA in your company

Marketing automation is based on tools. You need the right one properly set up
to keep improving over time. Let us help you with that.


Configuration and integration*
with your current system is
essential to achieve your goals.
We’re going to make it work.


We can help you out and take
care of MA effectiveness, so you
can focus on other things.
Find best option for your needs.


Share your goals, show us data
and see how MA can serve you.
Discover your options, their pros
and cons and learn what you can
do next.

Who we are

You don’t need to know which MA platform to choose or how to make it work.
We do. And that’s all you need.


At Smart Wave, we look at marketing automation as a whole.
We help in creating strategies and development plans,
recommend best platforms for MA.
And we have experienced specialists to implement
and constantly support them.


Right platform and integration with current
systems takes time and skill. We work with many tools
and we know how to put the pieces together for you.

Ons team

Wij configureren, analyseren, optimaliseren en laten het voor u werken.
Ons team weet hoe de beste resultaten te behalen.

Certificates that prove quality are

Mini case studies

Marketing automation can do wonders if used properly.
Let’s take a look at few cases presenting some MAgical results.


Goal: migration to another e-commerce platform and increase by at least 15% in Q4 2021 :
purchase frequency, customer value, Customer Lifetime Value (CLV)
Results came in: CLV – + 1729,9%, Purchase Frequency: + 23,68%, Customer Value (12 months): + 26,71%
Pro Tip: Use double optin and coupon for the newsletter signup popup.
The open rate for this type of email is usually very high (here above 60%).



Goal: BF CM campaign – double up the revenue from marketing automation
activities and email campaigns compared to 2020 – in the run-up to BFCM,
during the promotional campaign and in the first half of December.
Results came in: We have tripled revenues from marketing automation
activities (up by 317,54%) by using a mix of mailing campaigns, cart abandonment campaigns,
newsletter signups, personalised communication campaigns, reactivation campaigns.
Pro Tip: Test the number of emails you send to your subscribers.



Goal: Remind the customers when their diet is coming to an end.
If they have not renewed it – encourage them to choose the same or a different diet.
Results came in: After 6 months from the start, the scenarios generated 674 orders for a total of € 82 375.68.
Average order value was € 122.21.
Pro Tip: by using SMS in campaigns we saw double the revenue generated compared to email.
Consider where in your customer’s journey you can use the power of SMS.


Brands that trusted us

You are in good company

More than just tools. Partnership allows us to grow and achieve goals beyond normal reach. These long term relationships allow us to be among
he first to use new features and bring more value to your marketing.

What’s in it for you

Choosing the right platform for marketing automation,
as well as its integration with existing systems and
implementation is a difficult and time-consuming task.
However, it is worth taking the effort because the benefits
are tangible and the competition is awake.

At Smart Wave, we take marketing automation as a whole
and we support businesses in every stage of automation maturity.
Reach out to talk about your needs and goals we can support with marketing automation.

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Knowledge base

Do you know what to keep in mind while looking for
the right MA platform for your business?

Sign up and get the whitepaper to find out!

Gratis consultatie gesprek

Met marketing automation kun je veel handmatige taken automatisering en jouw klanten soepel door de gehele customer journey leiden.
Er zijn vele keuzes en mogelijkheden om dit in jouw bedrijf te gebruik met het doel om conversies en omzet te verhogen.

Benieuwd marketing automation jouw bedrijf kan helpen? Of weet je niet welke tool het meest doeltreffend zal zijn voor jouw doelen? Plan vrijblijvend een afspraak in en ontdekt de vele mogelijkheden van Marketing automation. Vul het formulier in en we nemen zo snel mogelijk contact met je op om het adviesgesprek te plannen. Kan je daar niet op wachten? Neem dan rechtstreeks contact op via +31638622431 of per e-mail naar Contact@smartwave.agency.